Many homeowners forget about the roof over their head until a leak occurs! Take a proactive approach to maintaining your roof so that you postpone a roof replacement until you really need it. Roof maintenance plans and small repairs are worth it in the long run; it can save you from a costly roof repair sooner than you planned. Here are 6 signs that you might need a new roof this spring season; inspect your home and get the opinion of a professional to figure out if it’s necessary this year or if your roof still has some life left in it!

Your shingles are weathered

If your shingle edges are curled or the shingle tabs are cupped, it might be time to get a roof replacement estimate! Also, look for bald spots where granules are not in tact or shingles that have cracking going through them. Check your gutters for shingle granules; if your roof is losing a lot of granules, it may indicate that it’s at the end of its life.

There’s a leak in the attic

Grab a flashlight and climb into the attic to take a look around. Look in the attic for signs of leaking after a heavy rainstorm or a day of sideways-blowing rain. The leak may be caused by damaged shingles or deteriorated flashing- don’t let the problem become something bigger than it is! Keep an eye on what’s going on under your roof so that you are aware of its current condition.

You find stains on your walls

The condition of the interior of your house can be a good predictor of the health of your roof. If there are stains, mold, or mildew growth on walls or ceilings, you might be looking at a roof replacement in the near future. Call Seamless Solutions so we can figure out the root of the problem and diagnose the roof issues that you are experiencing.

Your energy bills are high

If your roof isn’t working like it’s supposed to, you might be experiencing increases in your energy bills. Make sure that you watch the numbers and begin to investigate if you see any unusual rises over time. You might have inadequate insulation or ventilation that needs attention by a roofing company. Although you might not need a roof replacement, it’s important to maintain your home to avoid larger problems down the road. High energy bills are a signal that something isn’t right.

Your gutters are failing

Maintaining the health of your gutters has a direct impact on your roof. Are your gutters sagging or leaking? Make sure that you take care of your gutters to lengthen the life of your roof; if there are many problems with your gutters, it could be one of the signs you need a new roof, but let an experienced roofer check it out before you start to panic.

Look at your paperwork

Do you know how old your roof is? Look at the paperwork from when you bought your home or find the latest records you have from roof repairs and replacements. Those documents might tell you a lot about if a roof replacement is on the horizon. Depending on the roofing material, upkeep, and type of weather you live in, your roof can last up to 20 years.

Call Seamless Solutions about a roof maintenance plan that will keep an eye on the health of your roof or let us know if you are experiencing any of the signs that it might be time for a roof replacement. If you have some damaged shingles or leaks in your living room, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new roof, but to stay on the safe side, let us check it out!