So you have decided to make some repairs to your roof or completely replace it. This is a great investment that requires awareness in order for it to be successful. Take a look at our suggestions on what to expect during a repair or replacement on your roof.

Planning and preparation

When considering the huge project of roof repair or replacement, there is a great deal of planning and preparation goes into it. This planning phase consists of a lot of decisions. What color and material are you wanting your roof to be made of? What materials match with the current roof that you’re repairing? What amount of time should be allotted for the completion of the project (remember, that there will be a longer amount of time needed for a full roof repair)? All of these questions will have to be thoroughly answered in order for the project to begin and move smoothly.  


Quite a bit of noise

There are a lot of large pieces of material being attached to a large building, so a significant amount of noise can be expected. There may also be materials delivered to your home. This could mean that there may be many trucks coming in and out of the construction space. Consider keeping small children and house pets away from the home or building as the loud noises can cause additional stress or discomfort.

Stay safe, steer clear

To keep you, your family and your pet (if applicable) safe, it is best to stay clear of construction work as much as possible. The best time to plan a small family outing is during the repair or replacement of a roof. If there is a family member or close friend that lives in your area, they can check in on the project and its progression. If you do decide to leave, consider moving or covering things to avoid damage to things that are special in your home. If you do decide to stay in town during the construction project, consider visiting friends or working at a coffee shop to stay away from the actual construction. It will decrease the risk of hurt and personal damage.

Thorough clean up and review

Once this project is completed, the cleaning of the construction of the space should not be left to you. Roofers should be performing a daily cleanup of the construction space. All materials and tools should be placed in an orderly manner for the next day. Once the project is fully completed, there should be very little left for you to do.


With this information, we hope that you now know what to expect concerning your roofing project. Being prepared for your roofing project and knowing what to expect will surely equip you to have the most successful, smooth and seamless roofing project.